Friday, April 20, 2012

10 months!

our littlest munchkin will be 10 months old this friday.
it's crazy to think in that just 2 short months we will be celebrating her turning into a big 1 year old.
she is changing and doing something new just about every day now.

ellie tidbits:
she still has 6 teeth but is teething at this time, 2 more about to come through.
crawling, crawling, and more crawling.  it is still mostly army crawling, sometimes she's up on all fours but the army crawling gets her there faster.
in size 12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.
still loves all foods.  she will eat anything.  we are now doing a lot of finger foods.  she loves to feed herself smashed blueberries, toast and pancakes bits, cheese bites, green beans and pieces of banana. 
mommy is still her favorite person ever! she lights up when i come in from work and comes crawling to me as fast as she can (that's if she hasn't gone to be all ready).
but she is also a very outgoing baby and loves to be around people. 
she is very attentive to what others are doing, she could people watch all day and be happy.
just this week the pulling up has come on full force.  not a fan of this because she loves to come into the kitchen and do it on the tile floor and then of course it ends in her falling over and screaming.
we have let go of the swaddle (yes, 10 months and we still did it), it wasn't a full force swaddle, we kept her arms out but when it was put on she knew it was bedtime.  but even without it she is still sleeping great and it's nice to have 1 less thing to pack when we send her to the babysitters or go somewhere ourselves.

eating/the milk stuff:
we started trying out yogurt at 8 months.  prayed and prayed that she wouldn't have a reaction to it. 
she did fine at first and then it seemed like she would spit-up (or in this case throw up, it smelled terrible) the more we gave it to her.  so after a couple of weeks we just kind of backed off of it.  we waited 2-3 more weeks and then tried again.  success! no throwing up (in fact the little bit of spitting up that she was doing has stopped all together!).  she is tolerating yogurt just fine and she eats little bits of cheese bites without any problems! (thinking tonight she may just get herself a cheese quesadilla for her 10 month birthday dinner).  we are just about out of the neutramigen that we have on hand, i have a case of gentlease in the cabinet, really thinking about just giving it a go?!?!

now it goes something like this for our big 10 month old.
7am bottle
730 breakfast
830 nap
1000 play
1100 lunch
1230 bottle
230 play/snack
500 dinner
600 bath
630/7 bottle
730 bedtime

we went to see dr. daley this past tuesday for her well check.
ellie girl weighed 18lbs9.5oz(40th%), height 28 1/4in(60th%).
he said things looked great.  she only got 1 shot this time.
we don't go back til her big 1 year appointment!

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