Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Walking Allowed!

This past Sunday night I did my 2nd 5K!
It was the 'Run Tulsa Pink' race.
It was a night run, which I loved, me and running in the morning just doesn't mix well.
Of course I went with my best friend Jenn, who again left me in her dust.
She is awesome, Jenn is going to do her second half marathon next weekend....I only wish!

At the Run Tulsa Pink (benefiting cancer) I accomplished my 2nd running goal!
NO WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so hard, this course was much different than the pretty much straight shot of the St. Patty's Day Run.
There were many more inclines from the get go.
I'm using this excuse as to why even though I didn't walk at all my time was only a few seconds (like less than 5) better than the first:/

My official time was 34:29.
In my female age group I placed 49th out of 107.
Overall female I placed 239th out of 583!

I am so thankful for Jenn getting me out there! It feels so good to be able to accomplish more each time I go!  So far my farthest run I've done is 5 miles.  Not quite Tulsa Run material yet but hopefully I'll get there by October.

Next run up:  The Full Moon Run!!!!

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