Tuesday, April 3, 2012

spring break 2012

we started off our 1st day of spring break with a zoo trip.
it was unplanned, we just decided that morning after breakfast, let's go!
and so glad we did because now we are having this yucky, rainy weather and are stuck inside.
the girls were perfect!
they loved all the animals and we even got to see the new sea lions!
i think both of their favorites were riding the merry-go-round!

then one evening after the gym and running to the store in the rain (just explaining why i love the way i do) i let caraline help me fix dinner.  she had a blast.  all she kept saying was "what next mommy"!!

i had many more photo collages planned for this post but our new 33 day computer just stopped working.
first electronic purchase that we decided not to buy the extended warranty on (because we never use it).
and what happens of course.
so the new computer is shipped off to somewhere and we are back to using old pokey until it gets back or we get the call to pick out a new one.
i can't stand it because i've had so many posts i've wanted to make but putting pics on this old thing is not an option.
glad i already had this one saved:)

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