Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 day weekend.

and it was over a holiday weekend at that!
actually i had a 5 day break but 5 day weekend sounds kind of weird, maybe i should just say a little vacation. one of the plus's of working 12 hour shifts.
anyway, it was a busy, family fun filled weekend that i thoroughly enjoyed.
it all started on friday evening. the girls' cousins mel, zac, and ethan came over for the evening. along with memaw and aunt sam.
we first had a little boy against girl soccer fun while the hubs grilled hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone. it was so much fun to watch caraline run around and try to keep up with the bigger kiddos.

after dinner, the kids then had a little easter egg coloring time. i think mel and caraline liked this part the most.

lastly we ended the night with a little art time. the cousins had fun using markers to color some pretty pics!

on to saturday. we started the day very early to finish up some easter basket errands and yard supplies (still working on sprucing up our flowerbeds). we got back home at about lunch/nap time and then my family came over for our easter celebration. ethan was back over with my mom and sis sam. then my sis danielle, her boyfriend and my 2 neices came over in the afternoon to play and have dinner. don't get to see these kids too often so i cherish the time that i get with them on our holiday events.

sunday morning the easter bunny had visited our house. it was fun to watch the girls. especially caraline, as she thought of course that both the easter baskets were for her. then we all got ready for church. the girls were absolutely adorable in their coordinating outfits. i wish that we had a better family of four photo so you all don't get to see one, maybe next holiday. but in the mean time here a few of the girls, and one of memaw too.

after an awesome church service we headed over to nana and papa's house for more easter baskets and lunch. nana and papa of course put together the most fantastic baskets for the kids. caraline's favorite basket gift was her minnie mouse jump rope. she has been playing with it non-stop since sunday. it's super cute to watch her 'jump rope' in her own style. the kids also helped nana and papa decorate the annual bunny cake. and after a super delicious lunch the kids had a blast hunting eggs.

it was such a great great great weekend. love us some family time.

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  1. so glad you had an awesome weekend filled with tons of family lov'n. jealous. but, glad to 'see' you all in action!