Thursday, January 13, 2011


yep, that's right, I had to make my first mommy call to poison control last night.
my sister was keeping caraline at her apt. for about an hour and a half until I got off of work.
daddy had a ballgame that he had to coach.  nana and papa like to go and watch.
so my little sister did us a favor and kept her.

was just giving report and work and getting ready to leave when sam called me and asked me if I had a minute (of course I was thinking "whats wrong").
she said that caraline had gotten into a wallflower that she had plugged in, she pulled the little vial thing that holds the liquid off of the plug in.
sam wasn't sure if she drank any of the liquid or if she just bit into the wick end part of it!

of course I could tell in my sis's voice that she was freaked out too and felt bad so I kept myself as calm as possible.
sam said that she was acting fine and just playing, no signs/symptoms anything was wrong.
I have poison control's number, uhmm at home! never did I think to have it programmed in my phone (learned my lesson).
luckily I work at a hospital, with tons of mommies, so one of my co-workers gave me the number.
called, talked with Brent, who was very very very nice, and never made me feel bad for having to call.
he told me what to watch for, what she would be doing if she had ingested enough to make her sick and what to do about it.

so off I went to get her and see what was going on.
on the way, I called my bestie Jenn, who is the best friend, mommy, co-worker I know!!!! my go to gal for advice on parenting, especially with health related stuff because she is the bomb!!!  I don't know what I would do without her!!!
she made me feel a lot better and told me a little more things in detail to watch for and what I could do if any of those things happened.
THANKS JENN!!! your the bestest!!!

got to my sis's.
caraline was absolutely being her good ol silly self!
so glad to see that she wasn't doing any of the things that I had been told to watch for, and if she was going to she would have already been doing them by that time.
I don't think that she really drank any of the liquid, my sister had the plug in for two weeks or so and there was still plenty of fluid in it.
little girlie prob just put it in her mouth, tasted it and decided she didn't like whatever this thing was (or at least thats what I imagined in my head).lol!
reassured my sis that everything was ok, and that accidents happen, but she just needed to watch that little 16month old a little closer because now is the time she is getting into EVERYTHING and of course it all goes into her mouth!

caraline and I came home, she got a really really good bath, drank some more water and then I kept her up an extra hour past bedtime to watch her, she was fine and went right to bed sleeping all night as usual, oh and I forgot to mention that in the meantime the guy I talked to at poison control had called me back to check on her because he knew that I didn't have her in my sight when I had previously called him, very much appreciated that!

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