Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caraline is having a little ?!?!?!

I just couldn't wait any longer.
Thursday while I was working my doctor's office called.
They wanted to push my next appt. back a week due to the Dr. being out of the office.
Uhmm, "no way" I was thinking to myself.
This was suppose to be the BIG appt.
The one where we got to find out boy or girl!
So instead we managed to just change it to 2 days later.

But this made me want to find out even more.
Thinking about having to wait 2 days longer than before was killing me.
So on Friday I called up an imaging place here in town to check about coming in on Saturday (today).
They were all booked up, but the very nice girl on the phone said that she hadn't done her reminders yet and that she would let me know if there was a cancellation.
They close at 5pm, so when I hadn't heard anything by 415pm I though for sure that it was no luck.
So I called, and the girl told me that she just had a cancel 2 minutes ago and hadn't even had time to look up my # yet!
We then had an appt at 1245 to find out what our little nugget is!!!
I couldn't wait, I was so excited!!

It was really good timing.
My mom was in town for the weekend and my mother-in-law was off of work!
Mom came with us and Tim's parents met us at there.
The girl put our little baby up on the screen and I could instantly tell!!
It was a baby GIRL in there!!!
I didn't say anything and she told us she thought she knew but was going to try to get a closer look!
Then I turned to Tim and said "it's another girl"!
The tech asked if we were ready to hear and of course she told us what I already knew!!

No mistaking here!!

Just hanging out upside down!!

Yes, I would have loved for Tim to have a son but am I disappointed at all???
And Tim is being great about it!  Of course he had to make a couple of smerky comments but all in all I think he is just as excited for another girl as I am!
And he is great with Caraline so I really can't even imagine him with anything but girls ( as this is all we've known)!
It will be so much fun to have 2 little girls so close in age (22 months apart)!
I am so excited for Caraline to have her sister/best friend to grow up with!!
I can't wait to see the bond/friendship that forms between them as they get older!

My friend Rachel sent me a message that said that she was excited for us because she has sisters close in age and they are so very close to each other!
It brings tears to my eyes just imaging the 2 of them experiencing life together and being there for each other along the way!!
Loved hearing this and other responses like this, because of course we had already gotten a couple of the "oh I'm sorry but congrats" or "oh well at least you already have all the girl stuff".lol....but I know that Tim is happy no matter what! and that he and I both just want the baby to be healthy!!!

We had absolutely decided that 2 was the magic number and we were not going past this.
But I think that when we both seen that it was another girl we kind of thought to ourselves that we would see where we were at in a couple of years and make that final decision then, instead of making anything permanent now?!?!?!

As for names, I had it narrowed down to 2 girl names that I loved.
Tim really leans toward 1 more than the other.
I had a middle name picked out that was a definite either way, but now that we are starting to settle down on 1 of the names, Tim is trying to throw my middle name out!
I'm putting up a fight though, so we'll see what happens!!!
Baby Maxeiner's full name, we'll let you all know as soon as we come to an agreement!

And Caraline is already the sweetest big sister, picking out a little something for the baby!

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