Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All about....


I know that many of my upcoming posts are going to be about the pregnancy and baby....so I wanted to just take one to talk about my sweet little girlie!!!  She is now going on 161/2 months old...can't believe how time flies by, seems like yesterday that we were just having her 1 year birthday party and now 41/2 months have came and gone.

1st birthday party

this is from today, she loves to wear hoodies and hats

crazy static hair day at our house
She is the sweetest little thing ever!  She loves to give kisses and hugs, and has started this new thing to where when she goes to give you a hug she lays her head on your shoulder, wraps her arms around you and pats you on the back!  I love to feel those little hands of her when she does this!

We love to dance around our house too!!! Anytime there is music on Caraline goes to dancing!  so incredible cute! She use to just twist the top half of her body back and forth but has now added a little knee bend to it!!  It seems that she is a huge Usher fan (lol)!!! She will be playing and Tim and I will be surfin the channels, we go through the video and channels and she can ignore every other song, but if we come across an Usher video she jumps up gets in front of the TV and dances through the entire video not taking her focus off of it!

Another thing that she is doing (and has been for a while) that is not so cute, is digging in her diaper, uggh!!  I haven't figured out quite how to keep her from doing this.....we stopped it at night with whole piece pajamas but if she doesn't have a onesie on throughout the day her hand will still find it's way....thought that it was getting better and then I came home last night to the hubby telling me that Caraline had an accident at Nana's today.....apparently Nana had gone upstairs to get her up from a nap to pick up the other kiddos and C was sitting there with her hand out in front of her, as quiet as she could be, and what was on it but POOP!!!.....totally grosses me out, yuck!...of course my first thought was OMGosh did she put it in her mouth????....Tim said that Nana didn't know but didn't see any there but she did have it smeared on the front of her shirt....OH MY, what to do about this???? (really suggestions would be great)!


she now has 12 teeth.
loving chocolate milk.
is crazy about her daddy.
says new words daily (still can't get her to repeat em).
but last night we did get a "night night dada"!! (so sweet)!
starting to sleep on her back again.
and is now starting to terrorize our 2 doggies.lol!
she tries to sit on Jasmin (our lab) whenever she can..
and is constantly wanting to pull Pepper's (our little mutt) hair out!

And a few more pics from today, playing outside in the cold!

Caraline, you are becoming quite the little character....full of personality....and mommy and daddy love it!!! 

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  1. sweet, sweet, sweet hand in the pants caraline. what are we ever going to do with all your sweetness. umm...you're ahead of me with this kid thing, so i've got nothing for ya. but be sure to let me know what you figured out so i can use it when my day comes {as i'm sure it will come....x2}. hers looks so big in the new pics...tall, is what i mean. love her sweet face!