Thursday, January 6, 2011

16 weeks and still....

so SICK!!!!
I am now nearing my 16th week of pregnancy and am still having all the 1st trimester sickness.
it is exhausting.
still it never comes in the morning, always at night.
(which I guess is better since I do work during the day)
it never fails, the feeling comes on sometime usually between 6 and 7pm.
then comes the gagging and indigestion for about and hour.
and then the VOMIT.(yuck)
I have tried eating dinner early, eating late, not eating it at all and nothing has helped.
phenergran use to help a lot, but this whole last week, not so much.
it hasn't even been putting me out for the whole night.
ran into my doctor at work yesterday (one of the perks of working where I do)
and we have decided to try something new.
so guess I will be testing out some vitamin B6 and 1/2 tab of Unisom next time I'm feeling sick.
hope that it will do the trick.
taking these meds really kind of freaks me out, with Caraline I barely took Tylenol.
but I also did not feel nearly this bad and it definitely was over with by now.
plus I have a toddler to take care of and not just myself so laying around feeling bad isn't an option this go around.

now onto the brighter side of my second pregnancy!
it was around week 18 or 19 before I could feel any baby movement...
this time around I started feeling baby movement at 15 weeks!
so exciting! I'm sure it was there with C but this time I just know what it is!
for me this is the best part of pregnancy!
I could just lay around all day with my hands on my belly and wait to feel this baby move!
(of course not able to feel it from the outside yet but know it is coming soon!)
LOVE it when I feel this baby move and tickle my belly throughout the day, it makes me forget all about the nausea/vomiting that I am going through (until it actually comes on in the evening).
can't wait for Tim to be able to feel it too! I know I will drive him crazy wanting him to sit around with his hands on my belly too, just!

today, I had my 16 week appt.
and did I ever get a nice surprise!!!
my doc's office got these new little devices.
guess you could say it's like a little handheld ultrasound machine!
so I got to hold the screen while my doctor looked around!
got to see and hear the heartbeat, and see my baby!!!
of course I asked him to look and see if he could tell, he tried, but little stinker had it's legs too close together the whole time....guess we'll see in a few weeks.
loved, loved, loved seeing that baby, made my day!

Caraline went with me to my appt.
she is such a good girl.
even though I ended up seeing the doctor about 45 minutes after my scheduled time, we made it through!
It's been a great morning with my little girl and getting to see her sister or brother, can't wait til nextime!

 here is the ol belly at 16 weeks!
no weight gain since last time (thus the sickness) but baby looks just as it should!


  1. so sorry you are still so sick. pray'n the new remedy will work for you!
    how exciting to see and feel baby move'n. nothing like it!
    cute picture! can't wait to find out what you are having!

  2. Sorry you're feeling bad, I've been there! We have a pill in Canada that we take that is a mixture of B12 and an antihistamine. Hope the new stuff works for you!