Wednesday, March 2, 2011

18 month checkup...


on Tuesday morning we headed to our ped's for Caraline's 18 month visit.
around our house this is a dreaded thing.
Caraline has come to absolutely hate being at the doctor's office.
(which is completely understandable since a shot or two is usually involved)
this was the worst visit for her to date.
she is ok when we go in and goes straight to playing, but as soon as her name is called she flips her switch!

this go around a the doctor's was a little different.
it was very very busy, parking lot full.
all of the nurses were busy with patients so Caraline's pediatrician was coming out to the waiting room and calling back his patients himself. (one of the reasons I love our ped)!
so he came and got us, took us to our room and said the nurse would be in there in a bit, well guess the nurse's were still busy so he came back in and went ahead with C's checkup so we weren't just left waiting!!!
everything checked out GREAT!!!!

then our nurse came in to do weight and length and of course the dreaded shot:(
she is absolutely my favorite there, but I can say she is probably Caraline's least favorite.
C just hears her voice and the tears start coming:(
we had the hardest time getting her weight as they still have me put her on the counter scale and she just tries to hold onto me for dear life and reaches, so afraid that she is going to fall off, maybe next time we'll be on the big girl scale.
then it took both the nurse and I to hold her down to get her length.
she screamed bloody murder, everyone knows Caraline at this!!!!
she was by far the loudest of all the kiddos in the place.

but she is quick to get over it and she likes picking out a sucker when we leave, even tho I take it when we get in the car and she doesn't seem to know that mommy eats!

her weight is 21# 12oz, 15 to 20% (pretty consistent here)
length is 32 1/2 inches!, 75% (her jeans have become high waters!)
she got only 1 immunization this time.
and the best part is that we don't have to go back for 6 months!!!! (which is our 2 year appt! wow this is coming too fast!!)

about Caraline:
she likes to point to her toes as mommy counts them.
does the motions to the itsy bitsy spider, patty cake, and sometimes I'm a little teapot.
has a new super cute booty shak'n dance.
jabbers up a storm but still out of the blue will just say a new word loud and clear but no repeat when asked to.
loves, loves, loves seeing other kids and interacting with them, she is sometimes shy at first but she comes around (pretty sure she gets this from her mommy).
she loves to give kisses and hugs.
waves hi and bye at everyone and everything but still doesn't say bye bye (we're working on it).
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still our favorite show (think mommy and daddy are pretty much sick of
we love to play pretend, she is always using something as a phone and jabbering away on it, and C loves to get out bowls, spoons, etc. and pretend to cook and feed us! (it's so so cute).

we are still sucking that thumb and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, it's our comfort thing:)

and we have gotten even more curls in our hair, which mommy LOVES!

and her absolute favorite thing right now is playing OUTSIDE!!!!  she loves, loves, loves being outdoors! whether it is just walking down the sidewalk, playing on her little tykes swing/slide set, riding her 4-wheeler, or just kicking the soccer ball around with daddy she could just stay outside forever and be happy!!!

1 more new thing.....Caraline now has a big girl bed!!! With Elleanor coming in June we decided to get C a twin sleigh bed and use her crib for her sister.  I just put it together today (yep I am one pretty handy mommy) so we haven't tried it out yet but I am pretty scared about it!!! She is also getting new bedding/room decor so there will be pics/post to follow in the future to show her new room!!!

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