Saturday, March 12, 2011

24 weeks came so FAST!!

went for my 24 week appt Thursday.
blood pressure great.
baby's heartbeat great.
measurements great.
weight, well not so much.
have gained 17 lbs this far.
guess I am doing better than the 50 lbs that I gained with Caraline,
but there is still a ways to go so we shall see!

at this point I am feeling pretty darn good!
love feeling Elleanor move, which is getting stronger and stronger by the day.
I do have to say it is quite a bit more tiring this time around,
guess that goes with having a toddler at home!
anyway, totally loving pregnancy since all of the sickness has been gone for a while, hoping that continues!!

right now we are working on trying to get Caraline's room ready for her to move into it so that we can get the nursery ready.
it has been tough trying to figure out what to do with all of our stuff, totally outgrowing our house!
hopefully we will get C in her new bed within the next week or so!
can't wait to see how this is going to go!!

and we have a tentative date for Elleanor's arrival: June 20, 2011!
(not scheduled yet but this is what my doc and I discussed at this appt, will be 39 weeks on this date)

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  1. Yay for a tentative arrival date!!!!! That's such a great feeling!!! And good luck with Caraline's new move... you'll have to update with how that goes. We still haven't moved Bennett to a big boy bed. Kinda nervous about that!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! We are very excited!