Thursday, March 31, 2011

first little accident....

about a month ago we got Caraline and potty and though we'd give it a go.
she wasn't ready, and we realized that we weren't ready to commit ourselves to that either!
anyway, I just decided we would forget about it, and get over this new bed thing first, before we tried again.
so maybe in a couple of months.
well today she was in the bathroom with me and wanted to use her potty too, so I stripped her down and put her on it.
she sat for maybe 30 seconds, nothing happened, but I was just excited that she sat there (problem before is that she was terrified of sitting on a
so I let her up and she ventured on into the living room while I quickly went in her bedroom and gathered some clothes and diaper.
when I came back in she was nowhere to be found, but I could see Pepper at the back door looking into the kitchen.
I came around to find her right in front of the sink cabinets being as still as she could be.
then I seen the little wet footprints coming over from the kitchen table.
and there it was, a puddle of pee under the!
little stinker went and squatted under the table after just sitting on the potty!
I had quite a laugh, she seemed so embarrassed, poor thing!
daddy told me to make sure and get a picture of our first little accident for her baby book.
(which I am sure that there will be many many many more!)

Caraline, sweet girl, here is your first little potty accident, right on the kitchen floor!

 and this one is just because I think her little tummy is cute! (and I didn't want to post a blog of just a pee pee

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