Monday, March 28, 2011

So Proud!

I just have to say that I am so proud of my sweet little girl.
in the beginning I thought that the transition to the big girl twin bed was going to be a long road.
but she proved me wrong.
for about a week we had to do the old switch-a-roo to get her to sleep in her big girl bed.
we would try to put her down in it but she continued to just get up.
so we would eventually put her to bed in her crib (where she would just lay right down and go to sleep)
and then get her up and switch her to the twin bed in her new room.
she didn't wake up during the move but she was getting up and out of bed at about 3:30 every night.
this went on for maybe a week.

so 4 days ago we decided that we were going to just do it.
there was one pretty rough night and day where we just kept putting her back in over and over and over,
but it paid off!
no more crib and switch.
she has done so GREAT!!
Caraline goes down in her big girl bed, knowing that she can get out, but doesn't.
she will even talk herself to sleep but stay in bed knowing that it is night night time!
naps are going great too!!
can't believe that she caught on so quickly!
love that little girl and love getting my great sleeper back!

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  1. yea for a big girl and her new big girl bed! tough love, girl. that's how i operate! and so far, it's never failed us!