Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Night in the BIG Girl Bed!

yesterday we tried napping in our new big girl bed.
didn't go so well.
ended up back in the crib.

last night we thought we'd give it another go.
Caraline was not interested in going to sleep in her bed.
she did lay down for about 5 minutes like she was going to do it,
but then she just came strolling in the living room like she had done something funny.
I have to admit it was hard not to laugh at her face of accomplishment.
she thought she was getting out of going to bed.
well she thought wrong.

so I went in with her and tried to lay her down.
we ended up putting her back in her crib to fall asleep.
of course she was out in a minute.
then after a few more I carried her over to her new room, new bed.
she stayed asleep!
as for my sleep, not so good.
I was awake at every little move she made wondering if she was getting out of bed.
she didn't.
not until 3:30am that is.
she got up, so Tim went in and laid her back down and told her to go back to sleep.
I was laughing to myself, thinking "sure that's gonna happen"!
well it did!!
we didn't see her again til 6:30, she normally wakes up at 7!

I think that she did pretty good for her first night!

well today same thing at naptime.
had to let her go to sleep in her crib first and then make the move.
so far she's still sleeping.

glad that we started this early before Elleanor's arrival.
and hoping that we get the hang of it soon!

here's little sweetie fast asleep in her big girl bed after making the move last night!

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